Welcome to Turkeypoint.org – the official home of the Rockaway Beach Improvement Association Inc. / Turkey Point Improvement Association! For 58 prosperous years we have served as the voice of the Turkey Point Peninsula on all sorts of community issues ranging from development,  County Master Plan Development, road concerns, safety concerns, requests for community improvements, environmental oversight, individual member issues, and essentially everything that involves the welfare of the residents of the Turkey Point Peninsula.

Please take a few minutes to browse through our website, check out our community’s sponsors, news and happenings on the Peninsula, and delve into the rich history of the place we call home by looking through old photographs and watching somoe old film clips we have dug up! We encourage you to let us know of any questions, concerns or comments you may have by using the Contact Us section of the website. We also encourage you to join our efforts of community preservation and improvement by becoming a member of the Rockaway Beach Improvement Association Inc. (yearly membership dues are $20 per household).

Thanks for Visiting our Website,

Kevin M. McDonough , Secretary & Web Administrator
Rockaway Beach Improvement Association Inc. / Turkey Point Improvement Assoc.


About Us

The Rockaway Beach Improvement Association / Turkey Point Improvement Association is a non-profit community association dedicated to the betterment of the Rockaway Beach Community and The Turkey Point Peninsula. We strive to meet our mission statement through a variety of ways, many of which include; quarterly community meetings, attending county developmental meetings to monitor and prevent large development on the peninsula, always striving to make our community a better place to live, as well as planning a variety of different community events for residents of the peninsula to  socialize, and meet their neighbors.

-Mission Statement-

“The purpose for which this corporation was formed …[is] To improve, promote, serve and protect the best interest(s) and general welfare of Baltimore County and particularly the development and community known as Rockaway Beach and Turkey Point Peninsula, the interests of all property owners and residents, fostering and advancing the civic, economic and social relationships and advantages of the membership and the total community…”

For more information, or to become a member, please contact Kevin McDonough.