Please see below for a printable copy of our most recent community newsletter and community updates as well as applicable Baltimore County Documents pertaining to our community.

RBIA Property Improvement Project 
Our community was one of the lucky recipients of a grant from the Baltimore Community Foundation. This grant will be used to fund the construction of a free-standing picnic pavilion on the property owned by the association located along Rockaway Beach Avenue.
The property was home to a large catering hall from 1960-1995, until its demolition following an arson incident. Since the demolition of the structure, the property has been under utilized and in need of attention. It is the hope of RBIA that with this grant, we will be able to improve the property with a picnic area for community events, add fencing to increase security, and beautify the property through landscaping and some long-overdue tree trimming and maintenance.

The Rockaway Beach Improvement Association, in an effort to address concerns from our members submitted requests to the county Department of Public Works to replace aging water lines infrastructure on the peninsula. 

Baltimore County has recently completed a community wide replacement of the water mains on the peninsula and installed new fire hydrants to bring our community into in compliance with current public safety regulations.

The price tag for this investment was over $6 million dollars.

Kristi’s Kitchen

Kristi’s Kitchen, (Formerly Glorie’s Place) recently sold to a member of the community. That resident is currently working with an architect to finalize plans and secure permits to construct a single family home which will be placed for sale at completion of the project.

Back River Neck Road Blight
Back River Neck Road serves as a gateway to our beautiful community, but has fallen victim to neglect and blight. In an effort to combat this and improve the corridor that leads to our community, the association is proactively submitting requests for code compliance inspections at eyesore properties along this corridor.

We have been successful in having properties cleaned up, and other fined with large fines and have been with working with others to hammer out details on long-term property improvements and development/ zoning plans.

This falls on our list of “long term projects” as it will not be something that can be fixed overnight.

Road Clean-Up

Our Road Clean-Up Crew is always looking for volunteers! It’s a great way to give back to your community and beautify it in the process! For information- contact Janice Misey- Coordinator.

RBIA Owned Property (Aka: “The Ball-Field”)

 If you would like to use the property for an event, to park vehicles for a party, or would like to report suspicious activity please call Kevin at: (443)-768-0221. All other property inquiries should be directed to Kevin also.

Developmental Updates

Mantz Property (Osprey Pointe) – This property is located at 1630 Turkey Point Road and comprised of close to 7 acres. A development proposal for a major subdivision was submitted in the fall of 2014 for a 16 lot subdivision for single family homes on this property.

While the project gained initial approval from the county Administrative Law Judge, the Rockaway Beach Improvement Association, Bauernschmidt Manor Improvement Association and nearby residents filed a legal appeal. After a lengthy legal battle, the community unfortunately lost its case and was unsuccessful. The development’s approval has been upheld by the courts.

Schweitzer Property – Located at 1915 Turkey Point Road (also the wooded side of Sue Avenue) this property is approved for the development of 14 single family homes. This property is comprised of 17 acres, many of which will remain undisturbed.

The property is currently in the beginning stages of foreclosure proceedings and is also currently for sale.

Bills Property – Located across from the Baltimore Boating Center, this property is approved for a 12 house subdivision. The property is currently preparing to break ground in the beginning half of 2018.The project is being undertaken by Lakeford Homes LLC, a locally based development company.

Edgar Grove – This property is located on both sides of Edgar Avenue, leading up and abutting Sue Haven Yacht Club. This property is currently listed for sale.

Josenhan’s Village PUD – Located at 1513 – 1519 Old Eastern Avenue, the property is slated to become a senior only community for residents aged 60+. Following two proposals that were rejected by the community, RBIA was able to work with the property owner to find a developer that was able to come up with a plan that would garner the support of the community.

Approval for this project is currently pending in Baltimore County.

Welcoming Committee

We have now established an official welcoming committee for new residents of the peninsula. If you know of someone who has moved to our neighborhood in the past year, please drop us a line! That way we can present them with a proper “Welcome Basket”!




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  1. Hello ,my name is Sandy Hausner an my husband James an I have just recently moved here on to SueGrove rd .We are interested in some of the upcoming events/activities as well as information on the community and the association that is here. We love our home a the peacefulness that is here an hope it stays this way,thank you ,Sandy

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