Save Our Peninsula!

The Back River Neck Peninsula is a beautiful and environmentally fragile place. Our home is currently under the threat of MAJOR development that could RUIN the place we all love so much. Our community is being thrown under the bus, and sold out to developers by many of those who were elected to represent us and our interests. Unfortunately, our concerns and cries for help are falling on deaf ears.

 We need your help!



SAVE Back River Neck Peninsula! There are a number of issues that are facing our community at the moment, which will undoubtedly define what the future holds for this area. Those issues include:

Violations of Due Process

– Disregarding the Lower Back River Neck Community Action Plan 2010, which was created by our residents and adopted by the County Council with the intention of protecting our community and outlining how to handle issues of development, zoning, environment, etc. 

– Back-Room deals and political favors, to make for a smooth development approval process, despite major LEGAL issues and lack of proper review by County agencies

– Utilization of an UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW, Bill 67-08, to get around a Major Subdivision Moratorium, which has existed for Back River Neck and Bowleys Quarters Peninsulas since 1999. Bill 67-08, was passed quietly & under the table by our legislators and undermines that subdivision moratorium, thus now posing a MAJOR threat to the many acres of undeveloped land on the Back River Neck Peninsula. 

– NO Accountability from our County Government. Decisions are being made, with no concern or regard for the impacts on communities, the opinions of residents, and the effects on the environment and the bay! 

About the Fight

At the root of our fight is a development proposal located along Turkey Point Road. The community came out in record numbers to express our opposition for the project, citing provisions of our community plan (which stipulate it should be scaled back or outright rejected), expressing our desire to preserve the rural integrity of our area, citing overcrowding schools, and most importantly making known our disgust with Bill 67-08, which carves out a loophole for major developments on the Back River Neck Peninsula, and is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and discriminatorily affords certain landowners property rights not afforded to others with identical properties.

The Osprey Pointe Development Proposal has opened the eyes of our community to some alarming things, that are disturbing, unsettling, and downright wrong. As a community, we’re being sold out. The process put in place to protect us has turned out to be a big farce, and the “politics” behind the whole issue are sickening.

For the last several decades, our community has had to fight to protect our little slice of paradise. We’ve had to wage battles against everything from a proposal to launch a second bay bridge from the Back River Neck Peninsula to SB-509, which would have condemned hundreds of properties along the waterfront in Essex and Middle River. The residents of this area have a fighting spirit unlike anyone else. It’s time to channel that fighting spirit, and once again, stand up to SAVE OUR COMMUNITY!

We’ve done it before, and we can undoubtedly do it again!


 How Can I Help? 

Continue to check back with us for updates as our fight progresses! We will need both monetary support, and we will need volunteers to help us some out on top!

Many years ago, the citizens of Essex and Middle River led the charge to overturn SB-509, and demand accountability from those politicians who don’t have the community’s best interests in mind. We certainly can do it again!

Please check out our GoFundMe page, as well as our Facebook page: Save the Back River Neck Peninsula for more information and to stay current on the latest happenings!


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  1. I live on Hackberry Rd. My parents live on the water in Baurenschmidt. We would like to join the community association. Please send information to my email. Thanks

  2. I live in the Sue Creek community and would like to help. Please send me ideas on what I can do! Thanks!


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