In Memory of John Linz

It is with great sadness that I share with you all the passing of a lifelong member of our community – Mr. John Linz. The Linz family has been a part of the Rockaway Beach Community for close to 100 years – calling the community their family’s home for the summer since around the 1920’s. John was 90 years old when he passed away early last week.

Mr. Linz was a former board member for the Improvement Association- serving as our Vice President for a number of years. He was also a strong advocate the acquisition and preservation / improvement of our Association’s “field” property. John’s biggest achievement for our community however, affected every member of our community- and still continues to do so today. In the 1990’s John was instrumental in petitioning and advocating for the extension of public water and sewerage to the Turkey Point Peninsula.

In honor and remembrance of John Linz and his service and contributions to our community – we have draped the Rockaway Beach Sign in black as the community mourns the loss of such a beloved resident.

Kevin M. McDonough
Secretary – Fundraising Coordinator – Web Administrator
Rockaway Beach Improvement Association Inc.
Turkey Point Improvement Association

In Memory of Denise Woutila

It is with an extremely heavy heart that we share with everyone that our community lost a truly inspirational and giving resident — Denise Woutila.

Denise served as an Officer in the Rockaway Beach Improvement Association for seven years, as secretary and most recently as our Treasurer. Denise truly had a passion for making the world a better place, and for being an active participant in working to improve and preserve the place she called home.

We have draped the Rockaway Beach Community Sign in Pink to not only honor Denise Protani Woutila and her courageous battle with breast cancer, but to signify that that the Community of Rockaway Beach and Turkey Point mourn the loss of such a wonderful and truly amazing woman who touched each and every one of our lives and strived to make our community a better place!

We love and miss you Denise! Thank You for your service to our community and for touching our lives and inspiring us to be the best we can be! Click here for details on Arrangement for Denise and to read a statment from RBIA.

Bill, Jordan, and Denise Woutila
denise 2
Jordan, Denise, and Tiffanie Woutila

Farewell to “Otz” Kerby

The Rockaway Beach Community sufered a great loss during the month of November with the loss of lifelong resident, Frederick “Otz” Kerby after 93 years. Mr. Kerby devoted 65 years of service to the Rockaway Beach Volunteer Fire Department and was also a founding member of the Fire Department back in the 1950’s. Over those 65 years, he became a highly decoraded member of the department and was their oldest living member.

Mr. Kerby furthered his exemplary community service as a  founding member of the Rockaway Beach Improvement Association Inc, in 1955. He was responsbile for a number of community projects during his time with the Improvement Association. Community service was clearly in Otz’s blood, as it was a passion of his which never waivered.

Mr. Kerby is survived by his relatives who continue the family legacy of service within the Rockaway Beach Volunteer Fire Department and continue to reside in Rockaway Beach, the place Otz refered to as his “own piece of paradise.”