2013 Dumpster Day


We are proud to say that the 14th  of September (Dumpster Day) was filled with lots of excitement. Here’s all of what was going on that day:

  • Filled three large roll-off dumpsters
  • Filled a large box-trailer with metal for recycling
  • Provided some great donations of Architectural Salvage pieces to the Loading Dock for re-use.
  • Celebrated with the Baltimore Boating Center as they made a formal announcement that they are a Certified Maryland Clean Marina!!!! (this means that they meet rigorous standards set by the state to be an environmentally friendly marine facility). Jim High of the Boating Center took our Councilwoman and members of the community on a tour of the marina to explain what all they have done and do on a daily basis to be “Clean” and “environmentally friendly.”
  • Painted 20-30 Storm Drains on the peninsula with messages about litter and the negative effects it has on the bay, along with some cool artwork. (Special thanks to Blue Water Baltimore for lending us their stencils to use for this awesome project! )
  • Received a visit from our Councilwoman, Cathy Bevins. Cathy presented the Baltimore Boating Center with a resolution congratulating them on their new status as a MD Clean Marina. She and her Legislative Aide, Doris also took time and talked with many of our residents about their concerns in the community, issues in and around Baltimore County and about anything and everything!
  • Conducted an inspection of our community parks and noted repairs and general maintenance that needs to be taken care of by the county.
  • Enjoyed a beautiful day of fellowship and spending time with WONDERFUL neighbors!!

A special thank you to our volunteers from Dumpster Day: Darlene Baugher, Jane Machin, Rebecca Machin, Mia, Jean Romadka, Catherine Fahl, Valerie, Diane and Brian Robertson, Trish and Mike McDonough, Lauren McDonough, Fred Phul, Bill Woutila, Terry & Mary Gerard, Marcy Siegman, Scott Huffines & Kristin Miller, Kevin & Polly Silate, Jim High, TJ Mullen, and whomever else I may have forgotten to mention!

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